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"LipiFlow was a painless procedure that provided me with immediate benefits.  The procedure was actually relaxing.  My vision has improved and my eyes feel refreshed.  Prior to LipiFlow, my eyes were so dry that it started impacting my day to day activities.  I am happy to say that my eyes feel a lot better and less dry!" - Andrea P.


"The treatment was pleasant- no pain or discomfort.  After 1 month, I have experienced noticeable relief in the dryness and grittiness I was experiencing prior to the LipiFlow treatment." - Linda S.


"The experience was positive and I was comfortable during the procedure.  The staff was kind and I felt secure with Dr. Holmes." - Mary M.


"Prior to treatment, Dr. Holmes and Kim talked with me and answered some questions.  LipiFlow treatment [for right eye only] went very smoothly, no problems at all.  Since my treatment, I do not have pain in that eye as I did have before treatment..." -Mary S.


"I was anxious/nervous to have it done because I didn't know if it would hurt or be uncomfortable.  Kim and Dr. Holmes were very reassuring.  The treatment was as wonderful as they said it would discomfort at all.  It was actually very soothing and relaxing.  I appreciated how Kim and Dr. Holmes answered all my questions and calmed my anxieties!"  -Jan D.


"The LipiFlow treatment was a unique experience.  I immediately could see results.  I have improved eyesight for reading. I read approximately ten books this month [since treatment], up from none.  Thank you- as you can see, reading is a passion for me."  -Constance A.


"My experiences with this office have been great.  The staff is wonderful, friendly, and helpful.  Dr. Holmes is very professional and went out of his way to answer all questions.  I would refer people to this office without any hesitancy."  -Shirley R.


"First let me say how welcoming, informative, and professional everyone has been.  I have been in Savannah for ten years at another eye facility and will not go back.  My LipiFlow treatment has already improved my conditions- after being on Restasis for ten years with continued dry eye symptoms.  The improvement I have seen is impressive.  The many tests done preceding the procedure were very informative and Dr. Holmes was pleased with the results so far- as I am.  I do not usually fill out surveys or give testimonials- but in this case the results are so good...that I am."  -Sandy R.


"Honestly I'm not sure what to say, this was almost a non-event as far as the procedure goes.  It was a quick, comfortable and completely painless procedure that took about twenty minutes.  The results were fantastic, my eyes haven't felt this good since college!  Potential patients have nothing to fear, from my experience I'd highly recommend having this done."  -Mark F.


"I have suffered for many years from severe dry eyes due to medications I take as well as the fact that I am post-menopausal.  If you suffer from dry eyes-you know that it can be miserable.  In my case, my eyes always seemed to itch or were raw.  The lids (top and bottom) were almost always red, puffy, and swollen.  They accumulated "protein strings" (the medical term for white gunk or "sleep") on the inside corners all the time.  It was ugly and hampered my sight if these "strings" would stretch across the cornea and create a haze as they sometimes did.  It seemed as if I was always digging at my eyes to get elusive objects out of them because they were always irritated.  Over the years I have had to stop wearing make-up because my eyes became so sensitive and responsive that there was no upside to make-up.  It was depressing.  If I had a special event- I definitely wanted to have a polished look and that involved full make-up.  But doing my eyes became a challenge because of the irritation it would cause and the recovery time thereafter.  And outdoors, my eyes watered constantly.  Just a little wind on my face and I'd have tears streaming down my face uncontrollably.  And if I had makeup on while I was outside-the makeup would seep into my eyes and irritate them further, eventually watering so profusely it would ruin my makeup.  It was a no-win situation and made me stop going outside.  It wasn't fun to go out anymore.  I would walk around the community with a handkerchief dabbing at my eyes for a mile or two twice a day when I walked my dog.  It was terrible.  It dumbfounded me that no one else seemed to be affected in this manner.  I eventually stopped walking the dog.  My husband absorbed the responsibility to walk the dog. The quality of my life completely changed over the years due to my eyes.  And along with it so did my attitude and outlook.  It's hard to give up those things that are important to you, those things that give you vitality and that you identify as distinctive to your personality.  But as my eyes deteriorated, I had to change my lifestyle to adapt.  At such a young age (60)- that was a bitter pill to swallow.

When Dr. Boland suggested the Lipiflow treatment for my dry eyes after years of Restasis, other eye drops (both over-the-counter and prescription), hot compresses, changing my makeup around and going without and still not achieving relief- I didn't hesitate to leap at the chance to do this procedure.  I didn't care about the expense or the fact that it was a self-pay procedure.  I wanted my life back and hoped that this might enable that outcome.

The Lipiflow procedure was unusual but not uncomfortable.  They place "cups" over the inside of your eyes (under your eyelids) and heat these cups to 108 degrees.  During the procedure these cups will vibrate.  It is repeated twice on each eye.  I thought it actually felt sort of good after the initial starting phase.  There is no discomfort afterwards.  You can leave the office and go about your daily routine as normal.  Your eyes will not be red or swollen.  It is a completely benign procedure.  There is a fair amount of care that goes into home procedures after the Lipiflow.  You are required to apply a hot mask to your eyes twice a day to keep the oil glands open and flowing.  There are eye scrubs to be done.  There are multiple drops to be used multiple times a day.  They suggest fish oil additives.

As for the results- let me state without reserve that I couldn't be happier!  I wish that someone had suggested that I get this done years ago.  First- my eyes look 100% better.  They aren't red and swollen any more.  They don't itch and aren't scratchy.  I no longer have protein strings in them like I did.  I thought that was a way of life and now I see that it wasn't so.  I haven't had to dig at my eyes since I had the Lipiflow procedure done!  It is marvelous.  And I am wearing makeup when I want.  That is not to say that I am not showing restraint and making sure that I don't wear it excessively or wash it off as soon as possible- but I can wear it without discomfort, itching, redness, swelling and looking as bad with it on as off.  What a treat and boost for my ego and attitude!  And lastly, when I am outdoors, my eyes can no longer water.  I had no idea that was a side effect of dry eyes.  But now I can go outside and enjoy it again.  Just like everyone else.  The dog and I are out and about and looking forward to this summers plans for long hikes.  This has really allowed me to reclaim my life again.  That may sound dramatic and I don't mean it to.  But just the ability to live your life without having to give a second thought to making exceptions due to a physical dysfunction is wonderful.

With all said, it is without reserve that I would recommend Lipiflow to anyone considering the procedure.  Dr. Boland and his assistant (who administered the Lipiflow procedure) were terrific- patient and understanding throughout.  If your results mimic mine, you will be writing a testimonial too!"   -Sandy S.


"I took the opportunity to have the LipiFlow treatment for dry eye relief.  Although skeptical, I was ready to end the discomfort.  The short, painless procedure has proven to be very successful.  Six months have passed and I've had no need for Restasis or any other dry eye products.  In my situation, the results were well worth the monetary investment."   -Mary E.


"The first thing you see always makes a big impression.  The office decor is beautiful and clean.  The staff is friendly and very accomodating in every way.  Dr. Holmes is very helpful.  He and the staff takes the time to explain everything.  The Lipiflow treatment is like going to a spa.  I wish I could do it every month.  Since my treatment my vision has greatly improved.  Less frequency of blurred vision.  My focus is much better.  I can read at night.  Dr. Holmes said I will still continue to improve as long as I keep up with the regimen.  My quality of life has greatly improved since the Lipiflow treatment."   -Elaine W.


"I had extremely dry eyes.  My right eye was the worst, always red and painful.  I had the treatment on my right eye only.  It felt very soothing; like a warm, relaxing massage of my eye.  Now my right eye is much better than my left.  I would gladly have my left eye done today..."    -Catherine S.


"It worked great for me!  I am so happy I had it done!  My eyes are so much better!  Thank you so much!"   -Emelie W.


"It was real easy.  I was pleased with the office staff and Dr. Holmes.  I am having some relief and was told it will get better."  -Linda N.


"The LipiFlow treatment was a gentle massage for my tired, irritated eyes.  Soon after the treatment I had an eye exam with Dr. Boland and he could immediately see that my "eye glands" were producing more oil to soothe my dry eyes.  Of course, Dr. Holmes administered the LipiFlow procedure and an assistant stayed with me until the process was completed.  The goal was to eventually not even need Restasis and to lessen the need for systane.  All this was very encouraging to be free of eye drops.  Sometimes I even forget I have dry eyes!  During the hurricane evacuation, my eyes felt so "normal" that I would almost forget to put my Restasis or systane drops in my eyes.  The treatment was very non-invasive and I wish I had done it sooner."   -Linda W.


"I would like to tell you about my experience concerning my "dry eye" problems.  I had all the symptoms of "dry eyes" but failed to go to to the doctor and it got to be painful and was hurting to open my eyes after a nights sleep.  I called to make an appoinment and I told the telephone person the symptoms I had and and made an appointment to see Dr. Holmes and Kimberly.  I started using a cleansing lotion on my eyelids and drops.  It was recommended that I have a brushing of my eyelids to cleanse away dirt, etc. that I accumulated on the lids.  There was no pain, in fact it tickled me.  Dr. Holmes and Kimberly told me about the LipiFlow treatment.  They explained it all to me; the price, the time, how it would be done, etc.  I was most impressed with their presentation and decided to have it done.  It was a very relaxing experience.  Not painful at all!  Dr. Holmes and Kimberly were very good at what was entailed in the presentation.  All went well.  I now use cleaner for my lids once a day, practice blinking my eyes often and use drops.  I now have some tears!  I highly recommend the LipiFlow treatment performed by Dr. Holmes and Kimberly."   -Louise F.


"My overall treatment experience was excellent.  The testing for dry eyes was more intense than the treatment.  The treatment was like going to the spa and having an eye massage.  I have used lubricating eye drops only once since the treatment.  The eyes definitely feel better.  I would recommend this treatment for anyone who has dry eyes and wears contacts."  -Jeffrey D.


"Overall a pleasant productive experience.  I was apprehensive prior to the procedure.  [I] found the staff to be very informative and reassuring throughout the treament. Would recommend." -Mary C.


"I had a very relaxing and pleasant treatment.  I felt like my eyes were not as dry.  I used the drops and I'm still using the Restasis.  Can tell a big improvement.  Thank you Dr. Holmes and Kim." -Catherine B.


"Dry eyes caused a fluctuating eye problem for me which Restasis and tears did not correct.  After an eye examination, Dr. Holmes explained the LipiFlow treatment for dry eyes.  This treatment is performed by a machine whereby eye cups are placed over each eye afer mild anesthetic drops are placed in both eyes.  In fifteen minutes, while comfortably seated in a chair with your eyes shut, this procedure reopens as many as possible of the closed [meibomian glands].  You will feel some warm pressure but there is no pain.  Upon completion of this procedure, I immediately could see improvement in sight and tear flow.  The fluctuating eye problem no longer existed.  Dr. Holmes or Kim was with me at all times.  You can drive yourself home afterward." -Jeanne L.


"Everything about the procedure was explained in great detail prior to receiving the treatment, so I did not have any anxiety about it.  I received instructions, orally, about the care needed to be done by me after the procedure.  I wrote out an agenda that needed to be followed daily and I followed it explicitly.  I had no problems nor have I had any since.  I still do some of the things on a daily/weekly basis because it makes my eyes feel better." -Vivian H.


"The treatment went very well!  Everything went as was explained and as I anticipated!"  -David M.




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